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Service  Agreement

DBSCORP is not responsible for long distance phone charges.

1. Dial-up account sharing is not permitted including simultaneous connections.

2. DataBit Solutions Corp.. is not liable for any damages the user may incur due to expectations the user may have concerning its potential to meet specific requirements. Furthermore, DBSCORP is not responsible for indirect or incidental damages including lost profits, lost data, or lost information sustained while using or operating this system.

3. Abusive conduct including, but not limited to questionable or unlawful information or messages exchanged among users either in public or private form will not be tolerated and the user’s account may be revoked. Unsolicited E-mail is prohibited. Spamming accounts is illegal and will be cause to revoke an account. Advertising must be done on a Web page forum. Abusive or objectionable language can result in the user’s loss of service and it is the right of the DataBit Solutions Corp.’s administrator’s to make that determination.

4. DataBit Solutions Corp will give you full access to the Internet from our systems. You will have access to all the resources available on the Internet, including NEWS, EMAIL, WWW, and much more.

Dial-up users at DBSCORP have what is commonly referred to as "unlimited access" accounts. These accounts are better described as "unlimited interactive", or "unmetered". You may stay connected to DBSCORP for as long as you like, but only if you are using the system or its connection to the Internet interactively. DBSCORP reserves the right to terminate a connection, with or without activity, at any time.

Specifically prohibited uses of the system include running a web server on a system that is dialing in to DBSCORP, or automatically checking for e-mail or pinging the system to prevent the timeout of your connection when you are not otherwise using DBSCORP.

DBSCORP reserves the right to terminate any connection that is suspected to be non-interactive or DBSCORP may decide to invoice the account for the dedicated account type that is being simulated. DBSCORP reserves the right to use automation to detect non-interactive use. DBSCORP uses an inactivity timer to detect lines that are inactive. "Inactivity" is defined as 20 consecutive minutes of lack of network traffic.

5. DBSCORP and its administrators are not responsible for damages resulting in loss of privacy. No privacy is guaranteed or implied by DBSCORP as pursuant to the Privacy Clause, USC 2510 of 1986. E-mail, programs and files are and will be deemed private, however, flaws in the software or problems with the system may require system administrators to access private files in order to make repairs.

6. All information obtained on this system is intended to be for the general information and entertainment of all users and is not applicable to anyone specific.

7. DBSCORP is NOT liable for the activities, the contents of files, programs or electronic mail stemming from the use of an encryption system to which they are not directly involved . Also, DBSCORP is NOT liable from the use of illegal, patented, or inadequate encryption schemes , nor is DBSCORP liable for the loss of encryption keys, systems or programs.

8. DBSCORP is not responsible for information or services obtained from other systems over the Internet nor does it guarantee the usefulness or quality of such information.

9. In consideration for the privileges and having access to the information contained in DBSCORP systems, I hereby release the DataBit Solutions Corp.. and its owners and operators, and any institution with which any of the above may be affiliated for any and all claims arising from the use of the DataBit Solutions Corp..

10. This agreement will remain in effect until such time that a request to cancel Internet services is received from the user by the DBSCORP Office Manager or Emailed to DataBit's  Webmaster

Please read carefully and keep this agreement for your records.